Mateusz (Matt) Kutyba

IT Consultant

Project Manager

I am an experienced consultant and specialist in implementing modern IT solutions.

With passion and dedication, I assist companies in achieving success through process optimization, digitization, and efficient management of IT systems.

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My skills and talents

  • Project Management: Effective planning, implementation, and monitoring of IT projects.
  • Business Analysis: Identifying customer needs and adapting IT solutions to specific requirements.
  • Process Optimization: Improving operational efficiency through analysis and adjustment of business processes.
  • System Integration: Ensuring smooth communication between different platforms.

How Can I Help You?

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Consulting and Advisory

Need support in finding optimal IT solutions? I offer comprehensive consulting, helping identify the most effective strategies tailored to your unique business needs.

Application Implementations

We create tailor-made software using the latest technologies. We design and implement applications tailored to the specific requirements of your business, ensuring a quick return on investment.

Digitalization of Processes

We aim to eliminate paper from your factory and take it to a higher level of management. Through our digitalization services, we transform your processes, increasing efficiency and streamlining operations.

Software Development Services

Need a dedicated solution? We write applications from scratch, tailored to your unique needs. Our programming team will handle even the most complex projects.

Technical Support

We guarantee technical and substantive support at every stage of collaboration. Our goal is to ensure that your systems operate smoothly and seamlessly.